The wooden windows on the exterior that maintain the elegance of the interior and have low maintenance exterior are known as clad windows. The protective layer on the exterior of a wooden window is known as cladding the window. aluminum clad windows OUYA Windows

The cladding on the exterior of a wooden window is designed to improve its longevity and durability along with giving the aesthetic looks of real wood from inside. Mainly three types of materials are used for cladding windows- vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. In this write-up, you will get information about the aluminum clad windows designed by China manufacturers.

Finding the best aluminum clad windows

Aluminum clad windows are more beneficial for those who have very little time to maintain their home. They can maintain the looks of the exterior of their home for many decades by installing aluminum clad windows. But while buying aluminum clad windows you should be careful as some of the manufacturers clad cheap wood windows with inferior quality aluminum which can fade the color on the exterior of your windows as well as create dents and dimples on it. The wood clad windows manufacturer you choose in China must use the best, fast color and thicker extruded aluminum to look as it has been molded on the wooden window.

Benefits of aluminum clad windows

Today, many people are opting for aluminum clad windows due to various reasons like:

Worry-free maintenanceAlmost maintenance free solutionResistant to chalking, corrosion, fading, and pittingBeautiful designs can be handcrafted on the wooden interior of the windowsIncrease the glass area in your windows by nearly 35%Helps in creating unique windows with customizable glazing, designs, types of hardware and woodImprove the thermal efficiency of your home by reducing UV exposureEnhance security and tightness for air with the help of multiple locking systems

The process of making aluminum clad windows

You can use aluminum clad windows to your commercial or residential building while constructing a new one of renovating the existing one. They are designed as per the standards of the industry to provide you the flexibility of design, size, and application as well as making it easy to maintain and clean the windows in your home or office.

The aluminum clad windows are made durable by using extruded aluminum to make their exterior easy to operate. They are made maintenance free by finishing them with commercial grade paints. These windows look new throughout the year because they are made free from chalking and fading.

Introduction of OUYA windows -China Windows Manufacturers ouya windows

Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door and Window Co., Ltd is a company founded in 2001 in Cangzhou China. Its factory has spread over a 10,000 square meter area in which 20 skilled and experienced workers make a variety of doors and windows.

They make doors and windows from a high-quality alloy of aluminum with wind resistance, airtightness, and sound insulation features. Being a China manufacturer they also design aluminum clad windows according to the style of western countries including America and European countries along with the lifestyle of Chinese people.

Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door and Window Co., Ltd manufactures products of various styles with the help of extensive research and development by using the latest technologies. They make colorful multi-functional doors and windows to meet the demand of different markets by using different specifications. They are recognized as one of the most reputed and popular companies in China as their products are exported across the country to all types of cities regardless of their level.

Features of aluminum clad windows manufactured by Ouya

The aluminum clad windows and doors manufactured by Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door and Window Co., Ltd are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and a double layer of glass to provide insulation for heat. Their outer and inner frames are combined softly by using rubber strips and closed tightly by using a double jawed three sealing system.

Their excellent water and air tight performance can ensure the best preservation of heat by improving their heat-insulation. These windows really show their heat insulation, soundproofing, and heat preservations features by adopting an insulating structure on the glass and their sash. The heat transfer coefficient of these windows can help in saving a significant amount of energy as well as the costs of cooling and heating the home.