There is a growing demand for clad windows made from wood, aluminium and other materials. However, the challenge is choosing the right manufacturer and supplier. IN this article we will be learning more about WINDOW CLADDING apart from trying to find out as to why Cangzhou Ouya Aluminum Door and Window Co., Lt could be one of the best CLAD WOOD WINDOWS MANUFACTURER for all types of readymade as well as customized requirements. Having the right knowledge and information is important because the market is packed with many such suppliers and manufacturers. Unless the buyers are well-informed and knowledgeable, it is quite obvious that they may end up buying the wrong products that are not of the best quality.

WHAT EXACTLY IS WINDOW CLADDING?Best Aluminum Clad Wood Windows from China Manufacturer Ouya

When we talk about VINYL CLAD WINDOWS other cladding using other metals, we are referring to a metal or vinyl cover over the windows. Cladding is generally seen on the side of the windows that is on the exterior of the home. The main objective of cladding or DOUBLE GLAZING is to improve the durability of the window. It helps the windows to be in a position to resist the elements of nature much better.

There are a number of advantages of cladding. It could lead to better insulation and also could add to the overall looks and appearances of the windows. The maintenance costs will also come down significantly because cladding does not require sealing, painting or staining. They also could positively impact energy efficiency and bring down energy bills apart from protecting damages caused by the elements.

However, all this is possible only, when customers are able to choose the right manufacturers. This is where the role of reputed manufacturers and suppliers like Cangzhou Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door and Window Co., Ltd could make a big difference.


To begin with Cangzhou Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door and Window Co., Ltd started their operation in 2001. Over the years, they have grown to be a big and well-known manufacturer and supplier of some of the best aluminium clad wood windows and other such products. Today they have a manufacturing facility that covers around 10,000 square meters and have a highly skilled, focused and experienced team of workers.

They offer the best of cladding solutions for wooden doors. Customers are happy with the quality that they provide to them. Whether it is wind resistance, sound insulation, air tightness and other such characteristics, there are reasons to believe that they offer the best of solutions. Further, they also have the unique capability of offering both western and Chinese style designs apart from being able to cater to specific needs of American and European customers.


They adopt the best of technologies when it comes to manufacturing these products. Further, they have a special R&D team that is continuously focused on improving the quality of products and services. They offer a wide variety of cladding solutions and they are multi-functional, and come in different specifications and styles. Further, they go a long way in improving the overall looks and appearances of the homes and offices. They are also capable of customizing their cladding products to suit specific needs. All these and more have helped Cangzhou Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door and Window Co., Ltd to stand apart from the rest of the crowd. It would be pertinent to mention here that the products are today being exported to many cities and towns across different countries of the world. Many domestic companies in and around China also buy the products regularly. Hence it would not be out of place to mention that they have become a one-stop solution for various types of windows, aluminium doors, and other such cladding solutions


Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door & Window Co Ltd., offer a wide range of products ranging from KFC doors, aluminium doors, aluminium windows, KFC doors, screens and windows and also sophisticated and technology driven electric curtain doors. Therefore, they have a wide range of products to cater to the specific needs of clients across the world and also for meeting domestic requirements.

The products are also reasonably priced and can compare favourably with other such products in the market. However, the company has never compromised on quality in their endeavor to offer cost-effective windows, doors and cladding solutions.


When we take into account the above, there are enough reasons to believe that Cangzhou Ouya Aluminum Plastic Door and Window Co., Ltd is one of the best when it comes to all requirements of needs for cladding solutions for windows and doors. They have an excellent track record built over the years.