Doors and windows are the eyes of the house, and how to buy the doors and windows that are satisfactory and with guaranteed quality service has received more and more attention and attention from everyone. Before buying doors and windows, you can learn the following information with me:

First, doors and windows

1.Types of windows

According to different materials, windows are divided into wooden windows, steel windows, aluminum alloy windows, aluminum-plastic windows, and plastic-steel windows. Sliding windows, horizontal sliding windows, vertical sliding windows, shutters, sound insulation windows, fixed windows, fire windows, shop windows, anti-ray observation windows, etc. See the figure below.

Advantages of thermal break bridge aluminum alloy window

(1) Broken bridge aluminum alloy window is the most advanced aluminum alloy window, and its surface can be painted in various colors.

(2) The composition structure of the broken bridge color aluminum alloy window is the combination of the environmental protection of wooden windows, iron windows. The solidity and safety of steel windows, and the commonality of heat preservation and energy saving of plastic steel doors and windows is composed of two different sections through energy-saving insulation bars, saving energy. The heat insulation strip is also called nylon strip, and its main function is to play a role of interrupting heat transfer in the middle to prevent rapid or slow heat transfer. Its structure is more complicated than ordinary aluminum windows, and its cost is higher. Ordinary colored aluminum does not have heat insulation strips.

2, the composition of the window

The casement window is composed of a window frame, a sash and hardware parts. The window frame is a fixed part, which is composed of a frame, an upper frame, a lower frame, a middle horizontal frame, and a middle vertical frame; the window sash is a movable part, which is composed of an upper header, a lower header, a side edge, a window core and glass; hardware parts and accessories Including hinges, wind hooks, latches and curtain boxes, window sills, bobbin boards, face boards, etc. The following figure is the structural composition of casement window.

3.The size of the window

In general buildings, the common window size specifications are 1.5×0.9 meters, and the distance between the windows and the floor interface is 2.4 meters. If the window height is 0.8 meters, it must be reinforced. The use of windows requires sound insulation and moisture and dust treatment. Otherwise, it will be poisoned by harmful gas such as moisture and dust.

The size of windows is often different, so be sure to measure the height of your own house and the style of windows you want to decorate before making the windows, and then choose the color according to the interior decoration.