Doors and windows are an important part of the home. For them to work as an integrated system that is optimized to preserve heat inside the room or allow free airflow, they need to be perfectly designed and engineered. Windows and doors in places where it is too cold in the winter have to be heat-insulated. Making such kinds of windows and doors that do not allow any amount of heat to get dissipated out of the room is an expert’s job. Ouya Aluminum Window Company has been making such high-quality doors and windows for its clients for many years. It is now one of the most sought-after companies in its space. More and more homeowners are now replacing their old windows and doors with more attractive and heat-insulated, soundproof window and door systems.

Ouya Aluminum Window Company is engaged in production and wholesale business of window and door systems. Its main products include Aluminum windows and doors, commercial doors, KFC doors, electric curtain windows, doors, and screens.

Ouya Aluminum Window Company

Ouya Aluminum Window Company was founded in 2001 and now its workshop in Cangzhou covers an area of 1000 sq meters and employs 20 skilled workers. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality aluminum windows and doors with sound insulation, air tightness and wind resistance. The designs of these products are inspired by Chinese, Western, European and American styles of windows and doors.

Over the years, the company has diversified its products range and adopted new technologies, trends, and changing design ethos. Continuous research and development has given rise to a range of new styles, functionality, and specifications. As a result, Ouya Aluminum Window Company has been able to manufacture highly advanced versions of doors and windows that are strong, sturdy, heat and sound insulated yet very attractive and beautiful.

These doors and windows are in use in big, medium as well as smaller cities in the country. These products have earned appreciations from many domestic companies who are now placing their orders with Ouya Aluminum Window Company. It now supplies these door and window solutions to many reputed enterprises.

Main Aluminum Clad Window products



· Aluminum windows· Aluminum doors· Aluminum doors· KFC doors· Eelectric curtain doors, screens & windows· commercial doors· Screen window· Sliding door window

Latest product ranges

Business philosophy

Quality first, customer first guides its business policy. It looks forward to long-term cooperation for mutual benefit.

What can it do?

The company can supply high-quality aluminum doors and windows and systems. This includes profile, hardware, glass, and accessories. It also supplies finished products that can be readily installed. For placing an order, the customers have to provide basic information about their needs and the company immediately offers a price estimate. The company offers both supervising and engineering services for the installation of doors and windows supplied by it.

Frame colors Inside

WhiteGrayBlackBrownWhite electrophoresisDark champagneLight champagneRose redGrain

Frame color outside

WhiteGrayBlackBrownWhite electrophoresisDark champagneLight champagneRose red

Glass settings & color

The company works with all possible types of glass settings – Single, Double, Laminated. It also works with various colors of glasses such as reflective, tinted, clear, Low-E or, with or without Argon.

Thermal insulation

To achieve good heat insulation, broken bridge aluminum is preferred. The heat-insulating profile of the inner as well as outer frames is combined. The windows are doors are fixed in a manner that they become airtight, watertight, heat-insulated and soundproof. Ouya Aluminum Window Company specializes in wood clad windows, China aluminum windows, clad wood windows, and aluminum casement windows.

If you live somewhere in China and want high-quality and durable door or window system for your home or office, you can contact Ouya Aluminum Window Company for a discussion. It can make the windows and doors not to meet your needs but can also make them beautiful and elegant that enhances the value of your house many notches up.

Final thoughts

Ouya Aluminum Window Company is a good company that makes window and door systems for homes and offices. In the last 20 years since its inception, the company has executed countless number of window and door projects. The most striking part of this business enterprise is that it can carry out a whole range engineering and installation as far as window and door systems are concerned. It already has quite a useful list of customers and many domestic companies are now approaching Ouya with work. You too can try out.