If you are looking for replacement windows, you may have come across the term aluminum clad windows. Clad windows help in maintaining a beautiful wooden interior while having a low-maintenance exterior. In short, cladding refers to the protective exterior present in a wooden window.

The exterior cladding is designed in a way to improve the durability of the wooden window and extend its life. Also, it allows the interior of the window to provide a highly desirable look of original wooden windows.

WHAT ARE ALUMINUM CLAD WINDOWS?The Benefits of Double Layer Glass Aluminum Clad Windows Ouya Windows

Aluminum clad windows are wooden windows that are covered with aluminum to preserve the wood from different elements. These windows are produced as wooden windows and later treated with aluminum. The process not only supports the structure of windows but effective in preserving the window from possible damages from the weather.

Aluminum clad windows are available in many colors and styles. In addition, you can find them with double and triple panes. They make your home more energy-efficient. In terms of other kinds of windows, such as PVC clad, all-wood, or customized windows, you can find the aluminum clad a bit more expensive.

But, they do provide lower maintenance costs because they are energy efficient. Every company that manufactures wood clad aluminum windows tend to use a slightly different process. But, the primary process remains the same, which is to create a wooden window and support the frame with the help of aluminum facing.


Double-layer glass-clad windows, or dual pane windows, are the windows that have two layers of glass inserted into the aluminum frame. These panes of glass are separated, which creates an insulating air pocket that impedes heat transfer a way better than a single pane glass window. The distance between the two panes is about a half-inch. Some of the window manufacturers even fill the separation with an insulating gas non-toxic in nature to further insulate it.


Although you can benefit in many different ways from installing a double layer glass-clad windows, the most well-known and significant ones are the energy savings. You can realize that when you replace your single layer glass widows with the latest double-layered glass windows.

Whether you are a business or homeowner looking for different ways to reduce energy costs, replacing your old ineffective windows with modern double layer aluminum windows is the only effective way to decrease your monthly energy bills. Double-paned windows consist of two sheets of glass inserted into the window frame in place of a single one.

There is a small space between them to provide insulation. The gap is filled with insulating gas to increase further insulation. In general, it is seen that double-paned windows are 50% more efficient than normal single-pane windows. With your windows consuming about half of your energy bills, double-layered glass-clad windows can have a major impact on your energy bills.

When there is a decreased amount of heat, not only it helps you reduce your energy bills, it does increase the level of comfort in your business or home. You must have encountered the hot environment that almost every home has and how uncomfortable is that. Installing double-layered glass windows helps you eliminate this problem.

Another major advantage of a double-paned window is their sound dampening abilities. These types of windows provide noise insulation as well. This quality makes them invincible particularly when your business or home is situated near busy streets, train tracks, airports, or even if you have noisy neighbors.


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