1、 Internal factors of doors and windows
1. Profile of doors and windows
Profile of doors and windows is the basis of determining the quality of a door and window. The selection standard of profile of doors and windows and the technological level of glass are the key to determine the quality.
2. Manufacturing technology of doors and windows
There are good materials, but also need to have superb technology. A door and window technology involves a series of processes such as cutting, assembly, surface treatment, painting and so on. If there is no experienced enterprise in the door and window industry, it cannot make high-quality and high-quality products. For example, whether the surface smoothness and color are uniform, and whether the color will not fade or fall off, and whether the profile surface is oxidized, electrophoretic, spraying, fluorocarbon, etc. all need technology and technology, which can only be completed through hundreds of processes.
3. Hardware fittings for doors and windows
Small parts play an important role in the stability and durability of a door and window, and hardware accessories play a decisive role. Generally speaking, a good door and window will use imported or high-quality hardware accessories.
4. Performance of doors and windows
The performance of a door and window is also the value of distinguishing a door and window, which is determined by profile, technology, hardware accessories, etc. Therefore, the performance of the door and window mainly depends on the soundproofness, heat insulation, water tightness, air tightness, wind pressure resistance, etc. of the overall design. Whether you are in a busy city or thunderstorm weather, as long as you sit at home, you can enjoy the elegant and comfortable life.
2、 External factors of doors and windows
1. Customized services
Customized service is a service to meet the individual needs of users. It mainly includes scheme planning, measurement, design, installation, etc. it is customized service according to the requirements and ideas of customers. It can meet the needs of users to the greatest extent, which is the so-called demand value. Compared with general door and window products, this is the value.
2. After sales service
The perfect after-sales service can guarantee the user’s rights and interests to the maximum extent, provide the user with comfortable and pleasant product experience, and guarantee the product interests of each user.