Windows are one of the most important part of any room or building. They are our access to the outside world. They allow fresh air from outside to come inside and allow ventilation of the entire room. They also add a sense of aesthetics to the room by giving us a view of nature outside. Thus, when choosing or constructing windows, utmost attention should be paid to the materials used and the design incorporated. There are various types of windows which one can choose to have in his/her room. Among them, clad windows are very popular due to an extra layer of reinforcement being used in it. Aluminum clad windows are very popular in China as they prepare the wood from the interior of the room to be weather resistant.

Cladding for windows and benefits

Clad windows cover the exterior of a patio door or window. The inside is usually comprised of well finished wood layering which is beautiful to look at from inside the room. However, the outside if not protected, may get exposed to elements of weather and can get worn out easily. Hence, for clad windows, an aluminum frame is usually installed on the outer part. This protects the exterior of the window to get worn out easily and also increases the longevity of the window. These windows have low maintenance for their exteriors. The term cladding represents the protective exterior part of a window. Aluminum is durable and resistant to dents. They are affordable also and are the strongest of all materials used in clad windows. This is why people prefer to buy aluminum clad windows over wood clad windows. There are a lot of benefits to aluminum clad windows such as


Aluminum clad windows have variety of design options. They can be constructed from a range of different types of wood. They offer classical elegance and warmth to a room. The wood designs also look pleasing to the eye from inside the room.

Customization for color

Aluminum clad windows offer e host of color options for the owner to choose from. The species of wood come in different colors and textures and can offer different color schemes for the room.


Aluminum clad windows are superior than any other type of cladding used. They are extremely durable and can last for decades with proper maintenance and care.

Value of homes

These types of windows increase the overall value of a home. They are in high demand for a lot of home buyers.

Installing aluminum clad windows

Aluminum cladding is installed by aluminum windows manufacturer after the main frame of the window; the wood frame has been placed. The outer part of the wooden frame is measured. Then aluminum pieces are cut according to the size. These pieces are then reinforced on the wood with the help of screws or drills. The reinforcement ensures there is no gap present between the two layers and the wood is well protected.

Best aluminum cladding company in China

China wood windows look extremely beautiful from the inside, but can often rot from outside. This may not be noticed by owners until the whole piece of wood goes bad. This is where a good aluminum windows manufacturer comes in. There are a lot of windows cladding companies in China. However, not all of them guarantee the effectiveness of the cladding and often indulge in poor quality materials. The installation also, if not done correctly can come off in a few years and present recurring costs to the owner.

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