Stainless steel screen window integrated door

Stainless steel screen window integrated door

What is stainless steel integrated window

In a simple way, the stainless steel integrated window is composed of stainless steel mesh and broken bridge aluminum. He combines the advantages of the two profiles, which are not only heat insulation and sound insulation, but also anti-theft and anti mosquito, and also very beautiful, looks very high-grade.

Eight functions and advantages of stainless steel integrated window:

1. Safety protection: refuse unsafe factors and prevent damage or invasion of rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other animals;

2. Prevention of falling objects: the elderly or children playing in the room will not be in an unsafe state due to the opening of doors and windows;

3. Invisible and transparent: there is no sense of obstruction, occlusion and depression, and the room is always bright and natural;

4. Easy to open and escape: instead of the traditional fixed protective fence, family members can escape from the scene in case of fire and other crises;

5. Power saving and energy saving: no air blocking, indoor fresh air at any time, reduce unnecessary air conditioning operation;

6. Easy to care: dust and oil are easy to clean, and it is as bright as new after a little care with a vacuum cleaner, absorbent sponge or ordinary brush;

7. Low carbon and environmental protection: it is made of environmental protection materials without pollution;

8. Wide application: applicable to all residential buildings and villas.